Molly Mouse Designs!

Welcome to Molly Mouse Designs. I’m Molly. And I love to sew! I walk into my sewing room each morning and I am filled with peace and contentment. It is my haven! I get lost in my creations and I zoom off to another place. Often I will surface at around 2pm in the afternoon, with a husband thinking he will starve to death if I stay in my little haven for one more minute. But I forget time. I really love to sew and to create. It truly fills my being.

I grew up surrounded by fabric. My Mum was a dressmaker and made beautiful evening and wedding gowns. She and her sister had started out back in the second world war days with a dressmaking shop. Pretty innovative and out there for two young women in the late 1930’s. Back in the 1950’s which is when I grew up, my granny even made her own bras and undies, actually, they were really neck to waist camisoles with hook and eyes down the front and the undies were waist to knee panties.  I kid you not! So I grew up expecting to do lots of sewing.  Which I did. It was just what we did then. Girls could cook and sew well by the time they left school.  Life was pretty simple back then.

I finished high school and started nursing. And I continued to sew. And started selling some of my creations. In 1976 I started Molly Mouse Designs. I designed a range of children’s clothing, and I had an agent in Melbourne who loved my designs, so she represented me. Long story short, my second career took over after an illness and I studied nutrition, then herbal medicine and for the last 36 years I have worked in the health industry, all the while still finding time here and there to sew for my children and now for my awesome granddaughters.  So as I move into my retirement age, I am still seeing my wonderful loyal patients, but starting to slow down my clinic work, and  I can return to my sewing. A pleasure that fills my very soul.

I thank you for stopping by and I do hope you enjoy my creations. I have certainly enjoyed making each and every garment and toy.

May the blessing of our awesome universe surround you, and your life be filled with boundless joy, with much love and always with vibrant health.

always with much love and care