Shavana Cosmetics

Shavana-Cosmetics-logoHaving worked in the health care industry since I was 17, initially in the field of nursing, then moving into natural health using nutrition and herbal medicine, I wanted a truly holistic approach to healing my patients. One of the areas that I found is rarely considered by any health care professional, either in modern medicine or in natural medicine, is what is this patient doing to and with their body and environment on a day to day basis.

We consider the symptoms they are presenting with, we take their health history, we take into account what illness have run through the family, yet we never ask what brand toothpaste do you use, what washing liquid do you use, what cleaning products do you use, what chemicals do you add to your lawn and garden, do you ride a push bike in the pollution, what cosmetics and skin cream brands do you use. These factors are not considered as relevant, and yet they are vital. If you are continually putting chemicals into your immediate environment as well as into and onto your body it will most definitely have an impact. And it isn’t a healthy impact, in fact just the opposite!

No longer can our ‘authorities’ say to us, that  the amounts of these chemicals and additives are minuscule and considered safe. There is so much chronic illness now-a-days, that we simply must re-evaluate what we allow in our foods and cosmetics.  In Australia we allow the use of many nasty additives that are banned in many countries around the world. How can a chemical be safe in one country and not in another country? It is not good enough, and it is most definitely time for change!

There have never been any studies to look at the accumulative effect of all the additives and chemicals that are added to the body or in our food supply, in our air and in our water. There never will be any studies done, as it would mean that there would need to be very dramatic changes made to our food industry and cosmetic industry. That will never happen. Even some of the companies that make skin care and cosmetics and label themselves as ‘natural’ and even ‘organic’ still contain many harmful chemicals. It is deceptive and morally wrong on all levels.

When you learn the amount of hidden chemicals that are allowed to be added to your products, when you know the harm you can be doing to your body by using these chemically laden cosmetics and skin care products, and you know how simple it is to get a really chemical free alternatives, you will find it easy to make some simple changes and you will choose the natural way. The only way!

The first cream I developed was a cream for eczema and psoriasis, as I didn’t want my patients continually using steroid creams. So I developed a cream using herbs and homeopathic remedies, and it worked as effectively as they steroid creams did, so it was a healthy and easy transition for my patients. Then I wanted to have a skin cream that could nourish the skin and not add more toxicity to an already overloaded body. My patients were already struggling with their health, I wanted to lessen their load, so developed my skin care range of products.

Many of my patients were having sub clinical reactions to their skin creams and cosmetics. Although not even realising they had a problem with skin, as they started to use my skin creams, they realised that the redness was disappearing, the itchiness and flaking was gone, the acne under the chin disappeared, the pimples cleared up. Using creams with no added artificial chemicals and made as organic as possible, will make a difference for you.

What goes into your body, food and drinks, and what you put onto your body as creams or cosmetics, affects your overall health. That’s it! Everything, absolutely everything has an affect on your health, your immune system and your body’s ability to cope. It is that simple!

My goal is to educate people so they can make an informed decision. It really is very easy to change from a chemically laden skin cream or lipstick, to a natural additive free skin cream or cosmetic product.

Start your body on a healing journey, simply by changing your skin care and cosmetics.

It’s that simple!







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