Make your own skin creams

Skin care rangeThis one day course in making skin creams is a hands-on class. You will learn about all the ingredients needed to make a beautiful chemical free product, which is tailor-made to your skins needs.

Your skin is a vital organ and the largest organ of our body. It helps to defend against many pollutants and chemicals. By making your own creams and lotions, you are one step closer to ensuring your body remains healthy & vibrant. You will learn how to choose ingredients that are best for your skin and body.

In this one day workshop you will make a face moisturiser for day and night, eye cream, revitalising face elixir, toner, and cream cleanser. All suited to your specific skin’s needs. Molly will discuss what to do with problem skins and which herbs or essential oils can be added to your cream to make it really work for you.

The schedule of dates for this workshop in 2014 are:

  • 9th March
  • 11th May
  • 19th October

Please book now for any of these dates through our events page here


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