Healing Meditation Circle

with Molly Knight

Join Molly for the next 4 weeks, and as a member of this health and healing circle, you’re going to love spending time listening to and participating in all the incredible meditations, guided visualisations and healing methods that Molly will share with you.

By joining my Healing Meditation Circle you will be empowered to find emotional balance, physical health, inner peace and a deep self love connection, which will allow your fears and stresses to fade away,  your emotions to balance, and your body to come back to vibrant health and natural balance.

Your health will improve

Your energy levels will increase

You will feel calm, relaxed, rejuvenated & alive.

You will feel in control of your life.

Learn how you can use the power of your thought and your emotions to heal your body and soothe your soul!

You will learn how to keep yourself relaxed and in a state of calm, free of fatigue, fear and stress, allowing you to feel rested, happy and positive.

You can become positive, motivated and full of energy. Every single day of your life!

We are all in this journey together. This journey of LIFE. A life where every second can be inspiring and filled with love and joy or it can be a mundane daily existence, or  perhaps it is somewhere in the middle, with bits of delight and joy intermingled with your daily routine and work commitments.

Ask yourself this

Is your life going just the way you want it to?
Is your body in a state of vibrant health?

If life feels like a struggle and you are finding it hard to enjoy the flow of life, if your health is up and down and that life purpose that people speak of just seems to elude you, it just might be time for you to embrace your inner wisdom and expand your journey.

Does this sound a bit like  you?

  • feel stuck or blocked from getting what you want
  • have a habit of putting yourself down
  • have a habit of putting others down
  • always seem to be putting others needs before your own
  • seem to keep repeating the same negative patterns in your life
  • feel guilty about a lot of things that have happened in your past and don’t know how to let go
  • feel overwhelmed and frustrated a lot of the time
  • feel as though you are carrying a lot of ‘old baggage’ and can’t quite get rid of it
  • just don’t feel good enough most of the time
  • always have something physically wrong in your body
  • want more success in relationships
  • want more success in your career
  • would just like to feel happy and content with life

If you answered YES to any of these feelings or situations, then join Molly and together we will start to unlock your blocks, and allow for the possibility of bringing more joy and happiness into your life.

Every day can become a joyous moment, and you can truly live the life you desire.

It is right there, just waiting for you!

Learn how you can turn your negativity,  your shadow, your darkest moments into light, love and pure joy.

In the comfort of your own home you can sit back, relax and join our Healing Meditation Circle. Learn a variety of strategies to help you live a healthier, happier and more balanced life!

Join Molly for 4 weeks of on-line healing

Healing Meditation Circle

Next course starting Sunday 3rd November 2019

$47 for your 4 week membership

Course numbers are limited.

We join together in a Zoom meeting, and at the end of the session, you are welcome to stay for a Q&A session.

If for some reason you can’t attend the live Zoom meeting, I will email you a copy of the session, and you can email me with any questions you may have.