Has your bowel gone CRAZY?!

There you are living a great life, all cozy and comfortable and happy when one day it hits you. That sudden urgent call of the loo!

You have to run to find the nearest loo. Not a problem if you are at home, but when  you are out and about it can become the race of your life.

I know you know what I mean!

Then this urgency settles and you figure it was a once only event. Until next time, then it reoccurs over several days, and disappears as suddenly as it started. So you relax again but a small part of your mind stays on alert. Waiting. And there it is, a few days or maybe a few weeks later that urgency hits you, but this time it’s not only a few days of serious urgent bowel situations, it lasts for a week or two, and to top it off you then become constipated and can’t go to the loo at all.  So its off to the doctor to see what is happening.

A barrage of tests later, and all the results are fine, you are a picture of health. Nothing nasty anywhere, nothing wrong at all. So what has happened to your bowel? Read More

Creating 2016

Aren’t we all so blessed!

It’s another new year and we are all still alive!  That’s a blessing!

I get excited when a new year begins! It feels like a whole new beginning. Like breathing in the fresh crisp air after a summer storm. Refreshing and invigorating!

I just love the possibility and potential of what I can think of and create for myself and my family. It helps me to feel that I am making a framework for my future, for what I want to achieve. That there is a purpose for my being.

I love to set my goals, my map of where I want to head in this new year. I know some people don’t like to set goals but for me it’s like having a bit of a road map to follow. Somewhere to head so I’m not just going where the wind blows me.  So I sit at my computer and I list everything I want to do. A bit like a ‘bucket list’ I suppose, and I take my time doing this. I look at all aspects of my life. My health, my relationships, my travel plans, my finances, my work, my dreams. Read More

Goodbye 2015

As we say goodbye to 2015 we also say goodbye to 15 Terminus Street which has hosted our clinic for the last three years. Molly has now set up new premises in Stanhope Gardens and we look forward to welcoming you there in 2016.

This new year will be bringing with it a number of new services and courses such as Molly’s Sunday Morning Healing and a range of ebooks from The Gluten Free Granny. Stay posted for details as these become available.

From all of us at Shavana Health we wish you and your family all the very best for a safe, healthy and prosperous 2016.

Mollys Magic Mix

This was included in an earlier post in the Medicine Chest but to make it easier to find we are now including it as a separate post in the Recipes category.

This is a recipe that I get most of my patients to make and use at the first sign of a cold or flu. It can be quite chilli hot, however, you can of course control that ‘chilli heat’ aspect of the mixture by reducing the quantity of chilli but do use some, see my post on the benefits of cayenne.

Please note that It is not really suitable for children under fifteen years old, nor for anyone with any active digestive problems such as ulcers.

Molly's Magic Mix

A very efficacious remedy to alleviate the discomfort of colds and flus.


  • 1 large Onion
  • 3 or 4
    Garlic cloves
  • 1 inch piece of Ginger
  • Juice of 3 lemons
  • ½ to 1 teaspoon Cayenne powder or you could use a fresh chilli
  • 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder


  1. Blend all the ingredients together in a food processor and store in the fridge
  2. To use it, make a cup of boiling water, add one level teaspoon of the mixture, add honey to taste plus juice of ½ lemon
  3. Have three or four cups a day.
  4. This is a tasty, but more importantly, a very effective remedy.


Comfy carbs

Isn’t it interesting that when you have some yummy refined carbs such as breads, cakes, pasta, and chocolate as a treat, the next day you seem to crave them. Interestingly it can be almost the exact hour that you had your carb hit the day before. Sometimes after you eat a meal that has a high loading of carbs, like a pasta meal or rice, you can somehow be wanting to eat again after an hour or so, despite how much you have just eaten.

Carbs are an essential food and very important to add to our diet, but the down side is that refined carbs in particular are addictive, and lets look at why.

When you eat your carbs, as with all foods, a cascade of chemicals are released. With refined carbs, the chemicals travel from the stomach to the brain where we produce dopamine. This is a hormone and neurotransmitter that affects the pleasure and reward centre of our brain. Our pleasure response is activated, and we all like that feeling. A lot! We link that feeling with the food we are eating, and we want more of it, and more, and more. Hence the addictions to chocolate and cakes etc.

When you eat your carbs with a meal, do put a limit on the quantity, making your vegetables and proteins the king and queen of your meal. Let the carbs be the servants – giving you energy but not ruling how your body functions. Always combine carbs with fats. This helps to slow sugar absorption and control your weight and stabilise your blood sugars.

How much to have at a meal:

Carb = fist

Protein = palm

Fats = little finger

Veges – greens = grab all you can hold

Veges – starchy = fist

Festive Heartburn

With the festive season upon us, many of us do have a tendency to let our hair down and eat, drink and be merry! And why not, it is Christmas after all. However, everything has two sides, and along with all the merriment, we can end up over eating or drinking and so suffer with bloating and heartburn. Not so pleasant!

Here are a few tips to get you through the festive fun, as smoothly as possible. Read More

Carrots, more than meets the eye

Carrots are one of our staple vegetables, just like our potato, and would probably be used in cooking in every household at least a few times a week. Carrots can be grown all year round in temperate climates, so this is a food that is quite synergistic with our body at any time of the year. They belong to the umbelliferae family and are related to parsnips, fennel, caraway, parsley, anise, dill and cumin.

Carrots are a very nutritious food, and contain many vitamins and minerals, and of course are a great source of fibre. The carrot is most well known for the high levels of beta-carotene that it has, and as the old wives tale goes, they help you to see in the dark! And there is some truth to that old tale. There are many wonderful health benefits in our common carrot, and really need to be in your diet on a daily basis. Read More

Just 20 minutes a day

And as we move into the new year a healthy goal you could have is to start a walking regime if you don’t already get out there. A daily 20 minute walk will make a big difference in your health and fitness.

Here are a few reasons why you might enjoy your daily walk: Read More

Juicing for a happy body

Lemon drink and orange 7574314XSmallGrab a fresh juice each day and keep your body happy! Think of juices as a natural IV of nutrients that can be absorbed immediately into your body and utilised where needed.

Our life can be so fast paced that we can overuse so many of our nutrients which can lead to deficiencies and illness, or we just simply don’t get enough into our diet. Having a fresh juice each day can be one way you can add nutrients and help to keep your body healthy.

I have included a number of juice suggestions below and I recommend you have a different juice each day to support and nourish a different organ and body system. This way you can cover all your bases, and you won’t overdo it. Always drink your juice as soon as you make it to avoid deterioration of the valuable nutrients and enzymes.

Read More

Winter-proof your toddler

Childrens-health-pageWe are blessed with some sunny days here in Sydney, despite it being the middle of winter. Don’t be fooled though, the cold winds still hover and the bugs abound! A cold is usually not a serious illness in itself, and will generally self-resolve, however it is very infectious. The cold virus is thought to be the most infectious up to day four of your symptoms, which does include the few days before you get obvious symptoms.
During winter children are particularly vulnerable. Children generally have around six to eight colds each year, and they can have as many as twelve a year when they first go to childcare centers or school. Toddlers have very little immunity to cold viruses, they also don’t have a fully developed immune system. Some experts believe that a child’s immune system is not fully developed until they are around puberty and they reach the adult levels of antibody formation. Certainly by that age they would have been in contact with many of the cold viruses and could have a much better resistance.

The tiny toddler, with very little exposure to the 200 plus cold viruses that are in our environment can come down very quickly with cold symptoms of a runny nose and watering eyes, and without much time or warning it can develop into a bronchial cough, very sore throat or ear infection.

Here are some tips to help keep your toddler healthy through our cold winter months.

Read More