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Cosmetics-shop2 We have synergistically blended a variety of botanicals and natural ingredients direct from mother nature to create a range of luxurious, natural Skin Care and Cosmetic products, that not only nurture and hydrate your skin, but are also healthy for your body and still look fantastic!

Read more about why Molly recommends natural cosmetics here.








Books-shopOur published e-books that you can purchase and download right here in a variety of reader formats.






Teas-shopShavana Healthy Teas are blended using only organic herbs and teas. They are combined to give you the best possible start to your day, and to help invigorate and sustain better health, revive any fatigue and refresh and improve your general wellbeing.

Click here for more information on the herbs and teas used in our blends.






Herbal-Health-shopHerbal infusions & remedies specifically created by Molly to enhance your health and well-being. 

 Click here for more information on the herbs and teas used in our blends.







Guided healing meditations available for download as MP3 files. 





Workshops-shopOur range of workshops and seminars to provide you with tools to improve and enhance your health and well-being.









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