Cancer – what works?

CISS logoWe are pleased to be hosting a free seminar at our clinic in conjunction with the Cancer Information &  Group.


Don BenjaminDon BenjaminDon Benjamin







Don Benjamin, the convenor for the group, will talk about:

  • the efficacy of cancer treatments, both orthodox and alternative
  • the evidence for the alternative cancer paradigm.








Molly Knight, from Shavana Health, will discuss:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing and energy exercises
  • How to use the power of your thoughts and emotions to heal your body
  • EFT for physical dis-ease
  • Nutrition for chronic dis-ease

When: Sunday 29 June 2014 at 2:00pm

Where: Shavana Health, Suite 3, 15 Terminus St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Limited seats are available so we would appreciate your booking to attend through our event page by clicking here.  We stress that this is a FREE event but we do need to know how many intend coming so that no one will be disappointed.

For more information, contact either Don or Molly as below:

Don: by phone on 0416 121 140 or email to

Molly: by phone on 0413 991 669 or email to

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