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Winter health: tissue salts

Get Ready For This Years Cold and Flu Season

To prepare for this year’s cold and flu season, it is going to be a bit different from all past years! This year we have a new player, and we don’t really know exactly what it is that we are dealing with. There are some very interesting links with this new player, I know you know ‘who’ I am talking about, but because I could be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars or get a 5 year jail sentence if I give you any information on how to prevent or treat this new player, I simply won’t mention any names. So let’s get our body into as good a position as we can, to forge forward into the great unknown of this coming winter with all the usual colds and flu that come our way, and the possibility of a second wave of whatever this new player throws at us.

Symptoms to consider if you get crook:

In addition, here are the symptoms of pneumonia for comparison


  • Fever, with chills and trembling
  • Sweating
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Cough- moist and rattly
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid and shallow breathing
  • Sharp stabbing pains in the chest & back with breathing and coughing

How To Protect Yourself and Your Family Through Winter 

Let’s look at Tissue Salts

These little gems are so valuable, that you really do need to have a store of all 12 mineral tissue salts in your medicine chest. Each salt is a specific mineral potentised into a form that is easily assimilated in your body. I have seen them act almost immediately to relieve many symptoms. If I could only have one form of treatment, my choice would be biochemical tissue salts!

Mineral Tissue Salts establish balance in your body. No process in your body can function optimally without these minerals. The lack of any of these mineral salts in your body causes an interference with the biochemical processes that maintain homeostasis in your body. You can take them with whatever nutrient, herb, homeopathic remedy or medication that you are already taking. They wont be contraindicated or cause any undue problems.

Let me explain how these little miracle workers can aid and benefit your health. Minerals are the basis of all health. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821 – 1898) and the experimental work he did, through the work on cadavers, discovered that if someone died of pneumonia, their body lacked certain mineral salts, or if they died of an infectious disease, they lacked other certain mineral salts. So as he worked with live patients, if they had pneumonia he would give them the minerals that he believed were missing  and lo and behold they recovered. So a new method of healing was born.

In the mad crazy world that we have allowed to creep in, we need these basic mineral tissue salts more than ever nowadays. Due to our soils being so terribly depleted of all the natural goodness from over-farming and chemical fertilisers, our foods just don’t have all the necessary nutrients to enable us to maintain optimal health anymore. Tragic but true!

Biochemic Tissue Salts for Winter

The three major players for winter are Ferrum phos, Kali mur and Kali sulph. There are others, that I will list below, but if you only have these three you will be ahead of the game!

Ferrum phosphoricum  (No. 3) – this is the ‘anti-cold’ salt. It is marvellous for early symptoms including fever. You can take it a couple of ways. For adults take 2 tablets, dissolved in your mouth, 4 to 8 times a day. Or you can take 10 tablets, dissolve in a cup of boiling water, and sip, holding the liquid in your mouth for about 5 seconds with each sip. Drink while warm, like a nice cuppa!

Kali muriaticum (No. 4) – this tissue salt strengthens the mucus tissues, especially in the airways and intestines, along with connective tissue and the immune system. It also helps to eliminate toxins. Depending on the severity of you symptoms, take either 2 tablets every half hour for a few hours, or take 3 tablets 3 times daily to help your body drain the mucus secretions.

Kali sulphuricum (No. 6) – this is one of my favourite tissue salts, for several reasons. It has a variety of uses, which I wont go into here, but will post more info later. For the cold season, it is invaluable. It improves oxygenation in the body. It is used for all chronic infections, and in particular for the sinuses. It alleviates the thick yellow mucus that can be hard to expectorate, it helps to break a fever, and it promotes perspiration to help your body clear the toxins. A truly great remedy. At the first sign of any cold symptoms, take 1 tablet every hour on the first day, and 2 tablets 4 times a day from the second day until symptoms resolve. 

Here are some combinations that may assist your healing.

To strengthen your immune system:

These three tissue salts work to strengthen your immune system so it can deal effectively against bacteria, viruses and any fungal infections.

  • Ferrum phos No. 3
  • Kali sulph No. 6
  • Mag phos No. 7

Take 3 x Ferr phos in the morning, 3 x Mag phos mid afternoon and 3 x Kali sulphate in the evening.

Taken on a daily basis for a period of four weeks at a time, resting for a week or two and then starting again throughout the winter months, you will help support the strength and ability of your immune system.

To regain your strength: 

After any illness, or prolonged stressful situation, the following tissue salts will promote regeneration and give renewed inner strength.

  • Ferr phos No. 3
  • Kali phos No. 5
  • Nat phos No. 9

Take 2 x Kali phos each morning, 2 x Ferr phos after lunch, and 2 x Nat phos in the evening.

How to take:

Dissolve 3 tablets in a cup of boiling water, and sip as you would a cup of tea. Hold the liquid in your mouth for about 5 – 10 seconds, then swallow. Take this combination for around 4 weeks.

In general this is how to take any of the tissue salts:

There are a few ways that you can take these little miracle workers. As long as you are taking them, no matter which method you prefer, you will get a good result, and benefit from them. Take as listed above in the specific protocols, or like this;

In an acute situation, adults take 1 tablet to dissolve in your mouth every 15 minutes, up to 20 tablets per day. Or take 10 tablets in a cup of hot water, to sip and hold in mouth for 5 to 10 seconds each sip, 2 times a day. And you can also take 3 tablets, dissolved in hot water, sip as above, and take 3 or 4 times a day. The important thing is – just take them.

For a chronic situation or if you are on an extended regime, you can take 3 to 6 tablets of each remedy each day. You may need to take them for six months or more.

  • Children under 12 – half the adult dose
  • Toddlers – 1/2 tablet 4 – 8 times a day
  • Infants – 1/4 tablet, 4- 6 times a day, dissolved in water

All of the 12 main biochemical mineral tissue salts have a place of use in supporting the body through the winter ills. They all have many vital and specific and well known general healing effects in the body and in the different organs and body systems, however in this article I will just list the benefits for the winter ills. (I truly urge you to spend the money and get the 12 tissue salts, it will be money very, very well spent.)

Calcium fluor No. 1 – good to use if your skin is feeling dry and scaly or starting to crack. Take 2 tablets 2x day

Calc phos No. 2 – strengthens the body and helps to increase energy levels. If you are feeling fatigued, weak and just can’t be bothered take 2 tablets 3 to 6x day

Ferr phos No. 3 – excellent winter remedy. Used for initial symptoms including fever. Great taken in hot water, it works powerfully and quickly. See above for more information on this tissue salt.

Kali mur No. 4 – great for a stuffy nose, and any cough you might get. Taking 3 tablets 3x day will help to drain any secretions. See above for more information on this tissue salt.

Kali phos No. 5 – in the cold, dull winter months, many people suffer with fatigue, mood swings, stress and depression. This tissue salt is great for the ‘winter blues’. Take 10 tablets in a cup of boiling water each morning before breakfast, do this for 4 weeks and then have a break for a week or two, and take again if you start to feel a bit down or glum.

Kali sulph No. 6 – Kali Sulph improves oxygenation and helps to eliminate the sticky yellow mucus that can be quite hard to expectorate, it also helps to promote perspiration to help shed toxins, which will help to break any fever, and really kick in the body’s healing process. For any chronic health issues that are worsened in the winter months, take 1 tablet every hour for the first day, then take 2 tablets 3x day until your issue resolves. See above for more information on this tissue salt.

Mag phos No. 7 – this is a great remedy if your body is sore and achy. Mag phos is found in the nerves and muscles, and it will help to relieve cramps, shooting pains, headaches and migraines. This salt is very effective if taken in hot water. 10 tablets dissolved in a cup of boiling water, and sip. You can pretty much feel the relief straight away.

Nat mur No. 8 – this tissue salt regulates the body’s water balance. It is also know to help with fatigue. In winter our body produces more of our sleep hormones, as there is less sunlight. Take 1 or 2 tablets 3x day to help alleviate that fatigue. It helps with headaches, the early stages of a head cold with a runny nose, sore throat and itchy eyes. 

Nat phos No. 9 – this mineral tissue salt is the acid/alkaline balancer for the body. It breaks down lactic acid, and helps to prevent uric acid build up. It also helps with feelings of anxiety and fear, which often accompany any illness.

Nat sulph No. 10 – this tissue salt helps to control the density of intracellular fluids, along with helping to remove toxins from body. In winter, it helps to loosen any yellow/green mucus, also to alleviate wheezing, tight cough and sinusitis.

Silica No. 11 – this tissue salt is a great blood cleanser, clearing the debris from the blood, and is very useful in helping with tonsillitis and any respiratory infection. During winter, it is common for our hair to thin and our nails to become a bit brittle. To help alleviate these symptoms take 3 to 5 tablets, spread over the day. You can take for the duration of the winter.

Calc Sulph No. 12 – this wonderful tissue salt is known for its ability to reduce the production of pus and to effectively cleanse the blood. It is very useful in sore throats and bronchitis, blocked nose and blocked sinuses.

Combination 12 – the brand of tissue salts that I use in clinic, is a German brand that can’t be purchased over the counter and this company doesn’t produce a combination of all 12 salts in one tablet. Here in Australia you can buy the Schuessler brand in the health food shops. The Combination 12 is as it sounds, a combination of all 12 mineral tissue salts. If this is all you can get it is still a good way to support your body and will certainly help increase your immune system and to prevent illness. These tissue salts are all safe for everyone including toddlers and children and also safe during pregnancy.

To take the Combination 12 preventatively:

  • Adults take 2-4 tablets once a day 
  • Children under 12 – take 1-2 tablets per day
  • Babies & Toddlers – ½  tablet, dissolve the tablet first in hot water, let it cool and then give it to them.

If you can’t get the individual tissue salts to take as indicated above, and you are already experiencing symptoms take the combination 12:

  • Adults take 2-4 tablets every 1-2 hours until symptoms start to subside. 
  • Children take 1-2 tablets every 2 hours
  • Babies & Toddlers take the pre-dissolved tablets every 1-2 hours until improvement then take 3 times a day for a few days.

Biochemic Tissue Salts truly are your best friend. Please, make sure you have some on hand, always.

Next week I will cover Herbs and Vitamins that will most certainly help keep you healthy through winter.

Yours in health,

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