Hi, I’m Molly and I am a herbalist/nutritionist running my own clinical practice since 1989, building on experience I gained from working in a range of clinics and alongside gifted therapists prior to that. Through my practice I have observed radical changes in the health field over the last 50 years and I am concerned to ensure that natural medicine, the oldest and most cost-effective form of healing, maintains its rightful place in our society.

I have therefore decided to run as a Senate candidate for the Health Australia Party.

It is fundamental to my values that people have the choice of treatment that complements their beliefs, goals and lifestyle and I will fight to ensure we all have our voice heard and preserve our constitutional freedoms and democratic rights in all areas of health care.

I am also very concerned about the decline in the quality of our food supply. The ever-growing amount of harmful pesticides, herbicides and insecticides in our food chain and the insidious introduction of GMO foods creeping into our food chain is alarming, as is the lack of accountability and transparency in Australia’s current food-labelling laws. Along with the controversial fluoridation of our water supply, the daily chemical contamination of the human body is, in my experience, one of the leading factors contributing to the decline in public health and the increased rates of cancer and chronic diseases.

I believe that greater transparency is also needed in the Government decision-making process. Australians have lost trust in our own government and we must work to earn that trust back. Corruption and manipulation by vested interests have no place in our democratic system. Parliament is there to represent all people, not just corporate Australia.

I am in strong alignment with the Health Australia Party. We need to get back to how we used to be, having strong healthy people with access to organic foods and natural health care, a vibrant healthy economy that is fair and balanced for all, a healthy environment that is supported with non-polluting renewables, an honest and transparent healthy democracy and a healthy society for each and every one of us. We all deserve that!


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