Barnaby & Armidale

Being an Armidale girl, I thought the first blog I post should be about Barney! Good old Barnaby Joyce.

Barney, Barney, Barney.  No one cares about your affair. We get it! Old man, young girl….. age old story about stupidity really.  Who cares? No one. But you don’t get it. It’s not about your personal life. It’s what has been revealed about your lack of political honesty and integrity.  It’s the possible misuse of taxpayers $$$ that is the main issue here. Which is fast appearing to be dishonest and abusive behaviour, and very poor judgement that you have shown using your position.

How many nights have you claimed your allowance for and not been in Canberra? Is it just for you or did you claim anything for your girlfriend? Free accommodation? We’ll never know if you asked or if it was offered. How many jobs may have been created for your girlfriend? In fact, I bet this is not the only time you have  personally abused your position or used taxpayer money inappropriately. Oh, yes, the footy in Melbourne where you used a government jet to fly you, yes just you, back to Tamworth. Apparently costing the taxpayer $6,000. Every cent needs to be paid back Barney old boy.  And I bet there is more. How about we have a good look at all your travel expenses, away from home allowances, and see what pops.

All your claims need to be subject to an independent investigation.  The days of the ‘good old boys club’ is over. People are tired of the corruption and dishonesty of politicians. We need an independent anti-corruption watchdog set up. Not just for you Barney, but for all politicians. Seems you lot are not above reproach after all! Well really we all knew that, but sometimes it just takes that straw to break the camels back.  That straw is here!

Barney old boy, it’s time to go, not just from the front bench but time to go from politics.



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