Germs on the loose!

This week in my clinic I have seen so many patients that are so ill with coughs and flu symptoms, that I thought it timely, despite winter being officially over, to revisit the natural remedies that are effective in healing this current outbreak.

Whooping cough, influenza A, the common cold, all three winter woes are still doing the rounds and knocking people right off their perch for a couple of weeks. Not only that, these bugs know when they are onto a good thing and they don’t want to leave so they are boomeranging right back to jump on board again. Just when you thought it was safe to go out, bang, here it is back to make your day, and you are coughing and spluttering all over again.

Doctors are not giving antibiotics unless vital, and recommending that you let a temperature be and don’t take any panadol or neurofen, which is  a really good and health promoting move by the medical profession, however sending someone home when they are obviously ill, with just the message ‘you have a virus, or lets see how it goes’ is hardly very reassuring. 

This is where natural traditional medicine comes into its own. There is so much available for you to help your body heal from these winter bugs, and more importantly to stop any secondary infections from taking hold of you. Simple natural remedies that don’t have all the nasty side effects, and mostly pleasant to take. You just need to know what to take and when to take it. 

What to take:

Depending on your age, weight and health situation as to the quantities, these are the remedies that I am giving to patients.

  • Vitamin C
  • Adalase
  • Zinc-C Lozenges
  • NAC
  • BetaMax
  • Tissue salts: Kali Mur, Kali Sulph and Ferr Phos

Herbs I am using are to kill off the virus, and support the immune system,  and then I use herbs to relieve the congestion, again it will depend on your symptoms and stage of illness as to what is made up into my magic concoctions! Herbal remedies are always specifically targeted for the individual.

Herbs such as echinacea, baptisia, calendula, golden seal, horehound, mullein, yarrow, sambucus, andrographis, coltsfoot, olive leaf,boneset, licorice, sage, thyme, peppermint, and others, depending on your needs.

Essential oils: the best way to get a great healing benefit from essential oils is to use a diffuser. Please don’t take them internally unless you are under the care of a qualified practitioner. I like to use Eucalyptus radiata, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon again depending on your symptoms. I have the eucalyptus and lemon in  my diffuser in my clinic, and I use it at night just to help keep the air clear and keep the bugs away!

If you would like a consult so that I can give you specific dosage regimes, give me a call and we can book a time or use the Make an Appointment button on our website. If you are too sick to get out of bed I can help with a phone or skype consult.

Quote this article when you book and get a special Winter Wellness Consult for just $40.

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