Treat your TOOTSIES well

Remember those things down there that are attached to your legs?

Right!  Your FEET. Neglected and forgotten most of the time, yet there they remain, faithful and ever-ready, still there and performing a very important job. Holding you up and giving you a point of balance amongst other functions.  So let’s love our feet and show them that we care!

Give your feet a regular massage. Using both hands, rub and use a little pressure with your thumbs. Focus a little longer on spots that feel a bit tender. Your feet have points that relate to every area of your body. If you can’t reach your feet, as some of us can’t, then buy a wooden foot massager and have it under your desk or by your lounge chair and run your feet over it each day.

Be mindful of your choice in shoes.  Make sure they fit well and don’t feel tight at all. A great brand of shoes are Fitflop. Check them out as they are specifically made with differing grades of rubber for the different areas of your feet. And OMG Ladies! BURN those high heels. The only thing they are good for are the bank balance of the chiropractors and physio’s. Have you ever watched women trying to walk in those ridiculously high heels?  They don’t walk. They totter along, on their way to the chiro I think!!!!  Any shoe with a heel higher than 5cm will throw your centre of balance out.  Think about it for a moment.  This will affect all your organs, your digestion, affect circulation, cause hip displacement, muscle and tendon strain, certainly increase or trigger lower back pain and lead towards scoliosis, fallen arches, cause ankle rotation, increase the possibility of plantar warts, bunions. Hardly worth the effort of wearing high heels really!

The final thing you can do is to go barefoot each day. Spend some time walking on the grass or dirt or the beach. Get your tootsies back to nature and feel so much better in yourself.

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