Stimulate or suppress?

Finally the powers that be are seeing the light!

While watching ABC morning news last week, I saw an item they did on pain relief where they were suggesting that parents NOT give children Panadol for instance when the child has a fever. ‘Just ride it out’

WOW what a turn around! This is something that natural health practitioners have been saying for years, well decades really!

So what does this mean? It means don’t panic if your child becomes unwell.  Fever is a good thing. As the body is working to kill off any bugs that shouldn’t be there, the body heats up. It’s a natural body process. When you give your child Panadol you are aborting the ‘kill off’ process. One of the functions of the body is to develop the immune system, which is not fully developed in children until around puberty. Getting childhood illnesses is normal, natural and important, and fever is always a part of any illness.

Obviously if your child appears really unwell, is lethargic or complaining of headaches and has a temp above 38.5 when taken under the arm, then you would take them to your doctor, but for most fevers, which are generally virally induced and not bacterial, it is better to watch and wait.

And the same for yourself. Watch and wait it out. This way you will build a natural immunity to whatever bug has come your way. The same applies to over the counter medications that suppress your cold or flu symptoms.  Wrong thing to do.  Ride it out, and use good old home remedies that will support your own healing mechanisms whenever you succumb to a bug.  See my Molly Magic Mix recipe for a great cold and flu remedy that you can make from home ingredients.

The basic message is ‘Stimulate your body’s natural defences, don’t suppress them’. 

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