Has your bowel gone CRAZY?!

There you are living a great life, all cozy and comfortable and happy when one day it hits you. That sudden urgent call of the loo!

You have to run to find the nearest loo. Not a problem if you are at home, but when  you are out and about it can become the race of your life.

I know you know what I mean!

Then this urgency settles and you figure it was a once only event. Until next time, then it reoccurs over several days, and disappears as suddenly as it started. So you relax again but a small part of your mind stays on alert. Waiting. And there it is, a few days or maybe a few weeks later that urgency hits you, but this time it’s not only a few days of serious urgent bowel situations, it lasts for a week or two, and to top it off you then become constipated and can’t go to the loo at all.  So its off to the doctor to see what is happening.

A barrage of tests later, and all the results are fine, you are a picture of health. Nothing nasty anywhere, nothing wrong at all. So what has happened to your bowel?

You come away with a diagnosis of an Irritable Bowel.  Nothing you can do about it says your doc. Just have to put up with it. There is nothing you can do to heal it. Not really words you want to hear. And your doc is right. From his perspective, from the way modern doctors view your wayward bowel, there is nothing that appears to be wrong so there is nothing you can do to fix it. You figure your only answer is to wear joggers so you can run faster to find that loo!

But all is not lost. From my side of the healing coin, your irritable bowel is simply a symptom of something out of balance in your body. With all certainty I can say this. You may have an ‘Irritable Bowel’ but you don’t have to put up with it. There is much you can do to heal you bowel. Heal it 100% not just manage it.

It’s a journey! A health detectives journey, and this is how I go about healing your urgent cry for the loo.

First I will look at your diet. Then I will clean up your gut . Once that is done it is time to recolonise your gut. And while I am looking at the physical aspects of your diet I look at the stresses in your life. Yes stress and emotions will be a factor in your irritable bowel.

Case Study

Mary  42  Married with 3 children

When I first saw Mary she was very distressed. She could no longer go to the shops or take her boys for their training or sporting events on the weekend, unless she knew a toilet was very close. For the last two years her bowel had been getting worse. Very loose and explosive bowel motions with about 5 seconds notice. And the frequency was increasing. She had had all the tests her doctor could order, she had seen a gastroenterologist and had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Nothing was wrong. All her blood work was normal, her colonoscopy and endoscopy were clear. She really was a picture of health. Hearing that didn’t help one little bit. If she was so healthy why was her bowel so unhealthy. Her doctor had no answer for her, so he sent her to a dietician who put her on the Fodmap diet, then the Gaps diet, then the Paleo diet then despair…..nothing else they could think of to do.

She came to me quite distraught and very stressed. Understandably!

As she described what was wrong and what diets she had tried, it was obvious that no-one had hit the nail on the head. Something was certainly out of balance, so I set about doing my detective work to sort through her issues, physical and emotional.

The first thing I did was my acupressure detox on her. This helps to balance the energy fields and settle the meridians. It not only starts the body doing a full body detox but it calms the body as well. Then I made her a herbal remedy and gave her some vitamins to take, and put her on a basic allergy diet. Off she went with her herbs and vitamins but still with very little hope in her heart.

A week later when she came back for her next detox treatment she was a completely different woman.  The explosive bowel had started to settle, not perfect but much improved, the frequency was less and the urgency was no longer a problem, and on top of that her energy levels were much better. She had good colour in her face and she was smiling.  A big change.

I did weekly detox treatments on Mary for 6 weeks, and changed the herbs and vitamins as her symptoms were improving. By the end of the 6 weeks her bowel was back to normal. She had her life back she said.  We  had hit the nail on the head so to speak.  From that point I worked to get foods back into her diet that were well tolerated. There were a few foods that Mary did need to avoid long term but it was easily manageable for her. I then worked with Mary on her stress levels and after another 2 months she was a happy, calm and healthy woman, with a bowel that behaved itself.

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