Creating 2016

Aren’t we all so blessed!

It’s another new year and we are all still alive!  That’s a blessing!

I get excited when a new year begins! It feels like a whole new beginning. Like breathing in the fresh crisp air after a summer storm. Refreshing and invigorating!

I just love the possibility and potential of what I can think of and create for myself and my family. It helps me to feel that I am making a framework for my future, for what I want to achieve. That there is a purpose for my being.

I love to set my goals, my map of where I want to head in this new year. I know some people don’t like to set goals but for me it’s like having a bit of a road map to follow. Somewhere to head so I’m not just going where the wind blows me.  So I sit at my computer and I list everything I want to do. A bit like a ‘bucket list’ I suppose, and I take my time doing this. I look at all aspects of my life. My health, my relationships, my travel plans, my finances, my work, my dreams.

With that done, I pull up my 2015 Goal list, and look at what I wanted to achieve during last year, and see where I am now. I like to review that past year as sometimes it can be a surprise to see how much I did achieve during the past year, and as usual there are quite a few things that I didn’t get to, so these get put on my new list, if they still feel like they are right for me. As we change and grow, some things will fall away and not feel as important as other things, so it is a bit like weeding a garden, out with the weeds and in with the new plants that I can nurture and feed and watch grow.

All done, and I have my new list for 2016. My roadmap. Now I need to sort out where to start. What am I really passionate about achieving. What am I happy to have happen but it’s not a drama if it doesn’t.  Priorities need to be set, and a manageable timetable developed that I can work with.

If you want to set some goals for 2016, go get a nice hot cuppa, and settle down to search your mind for where you would like to be at the end of 2016! Doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, write out your bucket list! Your goals, passions, desires. There are no limits to what you can achieve!

Set goals that you are passionate about. Work out what are the benefits of each goal, what is your purpose in setting your goal. Break it down into chunks that you can work with, and jump right in! Go for it and make 2016 a year that fulfils all  your dreams and aspirations!

With love and blessings


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