Herbal Paste

You have probably seen the tubes of herbal pastes in the supermarket, or seen them advertised on TV. They are a great idea and a way that you can have annual herbs all year around for  your cooking delights!  Now you can make your own without any of the chemical preservatives added.

If you are a herb grower, now that the annual seasonal herbs are at their end, you probably have some bushes that are heavy with leaves and you may be wondering what can you do with them. You can dry them or you can make this paste. 

If you don’t grow any herbs but would like to make the pastes yourself, you can simply go to your local market and buy some fresh herbs. You will need a couple of bunches of each herb.

Herbs that work well for pastes are:

  • parsley
  • basil
  • coriander
  • oregano
  • mint
  • lemon balm
  • marjoram
  • chives

All you need are the herbs, olive oil and a food processor. The amount of olive oil is dependent on the amount of herbs you have, and the consistency that you like.

You can keep the paste in the fridge for a couple of weeks, or you can freeze the paste in ice cube trays. 


Wash and dry the herbs. Remove the leaves from the stems. Place the herbs in the food processor and add small amounts of the oil until you have a consistency you are happy with. 

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