Ear infections

Spring is here, and the winter ailments are still bugging many of us and certainly hovering around reinfecting and leaving behind a  nasty lingering cough which seems to hang on for around 4 to 6 weeks.  The common cold has been quite severe this year, with almost half the population in Sydney succumbing to it. Thankfully it has mainly been an upper respiratory infection affecting  mainly the ears, sinus and throat, although there has been quite a high percentage of serious bronchial and chest infections as well.

For children in particular, and also adults this year, I have seen many patients with ear infections after the cold has swept in and caused havoc. In young children the angle of the eustachian tube allows for fluid build up which provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria so ear infections occur more frequently and can be very painful. Ear infections are also often a complication of the common cold as are other upper respiratory infections, such as tonsillitis or sinusitis.

Here are some good herbal remedies for ear infections:

  • Echinacea – taken as a tincture or capsule to help speed the healing process
  • Goldenseal – taken with echinacea, it is a great boost to the immune system
  • Olive Leaf – taken as a tincture or capsule to fight infection
  • Garlic Oil- simple to make at home, and apply using a few drops on a cotton wool ball, placed inside the ear, to help fight infection
  • Mullein Oil – can be used alone or with garlic oil, applied the same way. Mullein oil relieves inflammation in the ear canal.

For general information on the common cold and how to treat it, I have written an e-book with lots of information and many healing herbal, vitamin and homeopathic recipes that you can make or purchase. Well worth a read, and a great resource to have on hand to ward off those nasty little winter bugs.

If you would like further information please email me here or if you are still trying to fight this bug off , come in and see me so I can help you get your body back into balance.

Request an appointment here if you would like my assistance in the clinic.

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