Juicing for a happy body

Lemon drink and orange 7574314XSmallGrab a fresh juice each day and keep your body happy! Think of juices as a natural IV of nutrients that can be absorbed immediately into your body and utilised where needed.

Our life can be so fast paced that we can overuse so many of our nutrients which can lead to deficiencies and illness, or we just simply don’t get enough into our diet. Having a fresh juice each day can be one way you can add nutrients and help to keep your body healthy.

I have included a number of juice suggestions below and I recommend you have a different juice each day to support and nourish a different organ and body system. This way you can cover all your bases, and you won’t overdo it. Always drink your juice as soon as you make it to avoid deterioration of the valuable nutrients and enzymes.


Juice for Heart support

Your heart is a muscle that has a huge, never-ending job. It has to transport blood and oxygen to your entire body. If you have any feelings of weakness or dizziness, have shortness of breath especially when you exercise or climb those stairs, you feel nauseous at times or sweat for no reason, these can all be early signs of poor cardiovascular health. So pop off to the doc for some tests and in the meantime get into the following juice. If you have none of the above symptoms, have the following juice once a week to support your cardiovascular system.

Apple x 2
Carrot x 4
Beetroot x 1/2
Lemon x 1/2
Cayenne pepper x pinch of powder or you can use the fresh chilli
Ginger x 1” piece


Juice for Liver support

Your liver is your second largest organ. It is SO busy performing hundreds of vital functions to keep the body free of toxins and nasty substances. I get tired just thinking of how busy my liver is! The health and functionality of your liver will affect your digestion, your metabolism, your ability to detox and release toxins, your immune system. Pretty much all functions of your body rely on the liver to be at the helm!

Carrot x 6
Celery x 2 stalks
Beetroot x 1 medium size
Blueberries x 1/2 cup
Red Cabbage x 1/4 cup – more if you don’t mind the strong taste
Garlic x 1 clove
Tumeric x 1/2 ” piece
Ginger x 1” piece


Juice for Kidney support

Your kidneys help to balance and stabilise your fluid levels, release hormones to regulate blood pressure, control acidity, regulate production of red blood cells, and extract waste from your blood. On the go 24/7, they can do with a bit of support.

Celery x 1 stick
Carrot x 4
Grapefruit x 1/2
Orange x 1
Apple x 2
Watermelon x 1 cup
Parsley x 1/4 bunch


Juice for Intestine support

The importance of having a clean intestinal tract can’t be over emphasised. That includes the small intestine as well as the large intestine. The small intestine can hold an excess of mucus and the large intestine can hold excessive amounts of impacted waste matter. So a good regular juice to help cleanse the intestinal tract will help you to absorb nutrients more efficiently and release waste more regularly.

Carrot x 4
Celery x 2 sticks
Apple x 4
Pineapple x 1/2 cup
Pawpaw x 1/2 cup
Coriander x 3 sprigs
Grapes x 6
Psyllium x 2 teaspoons


Juice for Lung support

Your lungs work hard. Around 20,000 breaths in and out each day! Bringing in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. Because our air carries a lot of pollution nowadays, it is really important to remember to support lung function, even if you don’t seem to have an obvious lung problem.

Carrot x 6
Blueberries x 1 cup
Apple x 2
Red Capsicum x 1
Tomato x 1
Ginger x 1”
Mint x 6 to 8 large fresh leaves


Juice for Skin support

Your skin is your largest organ. We rarely think of the skin as an organ, but there it is. Functioning so efficiently every second of every day. It provides a protective layer for all our organs, protects us from microbes, and helps to regulate your body temperature.

Carrot x 4
Apple x 3
Cucumber x 1/2
Celery x 2 sticks
Cabbage x 1/4 cup – more if you don’t mind the strong taste


So get in to some juicing and keep those organs happy!

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