Echinacea for Winter Health

EchinaceaHow many billions of colds and flu must be traveling around our planet every day?

Every day of the year, somewhere there will be someone fighting off a cold or a bout of flu. Being viral infections, there is very little that modern medicine can offer, and this is where our age old natural remedies really shine.

It is virtually impossible to avoid exposure to the cold and flu viruses, so luckily for us there are many steps you can take to prevent a bad dose affecting you. There are many natural remedies and easily available foods you can consume that will help you strengthen your immune system and fight off these clever bugs.

There is a smorgasbord of amazing herbs to use during our cold winter months.

Echinacea is top of the list.

When it comes to stocking up your winter medicine chest, echinacea is the first herb to think of. Echinacea has many wonderful health benefits; it is anti-microbial, anti- inflammatory, and has the ability to stimulate immune activity and raise our levels of white blood cells that fight off infection. It is known to reduce the symptoms and duration of the cold or flu.

Echinacea is very effective when taken at the first signs of infection, and is beneficial for all upper respiratory tract infections, coughs, colds and flu, viral or bacterial, for sinusitis, sore throats and tonsillitis. A herb to have on hand always.

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