Qi Gong healing

qi-gong-healing-postIt all starts with energy, that mysterious, invisible but measurable force that is omnipresent and flows through all of life. This writer, this community, this world, this universe, are all alive with and because of energy.

The Chinese have recognised the existence of energy as a separate entity in the human body for over 2000 years and it forms the basis of their holistic approach to the prevention and cure of medical conditions. They believe that while energy is present in all parts of our bodies there are also major flows of energy within the body known as meridians and provide the “map”by which acupuncturists, for instance, follow when deciding where to place their needles. They have realised that any disruption, imbalance or blockage of this energy can be the basis of many diseases or distress that afflict humans. Acupuncture is just one of the many techniques used under the general term, energy healing.

Energy healing is a process used by a person to correct the disruptions of energy flow in another being, be it a human, animal, bird, plant etc.

It is my belief that all humans have the potential to heal with energy and there are many ways in which people do so but perhaps I can best explain it from my own personal experience.

The practice of qi gong and meditation released the blocks that had prevented me from recognising the gift of healing that I possessed. I discovered some years ago that when placing my hands on a person where they were experiencing pain my hands would shake with an intensity relative to what I have come to believe is the size of that particular energy blockage. As I keep my hands in the same position the heat generated from my palms will be felt distinctly by the patient. After a period of time the shaking will subside and that will signify to me that the blockage is cleared and I can either move on to another area where the shaking might start again or just end the treatment at that point. I have treated many patients with this method and have reduced or removed the symptoms of conditions such as arthritic rheumatism, migraines, sporting muscle injuries, Dupuytrens. I have on two occasions straightened curvature of the spine known as scoliosis.

Please contact us through the contacts page on this website if you would like to discuss a condition that might benefit from this healing modality.


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