Herbal Medicine

Since the beginning of recorded history herbs have been cited by the ancients, and have been used in many ways to heal the body. Herbal medicine is still one of the most widely practiced forms of health care practiced today, with over 80% of the world’s population using herbs to treat illness and to improve health and wellbeing.

Herbs are a natural choice in health care, as they have synergistic and therapeutic properties which are beneficial in both acute and chronic illness. Herbs are particularly suited to the treatment of chronic conditions to support the body’s own ability to heal.

Many plants have been used as medicine for centuries in most cultures. As far back as 3,000BC in ancient Chinese recordings and Egyptian papyrus recordings, herbs have been used to heal. We can grow many of the medicinal plants ourselves and can use them in food, as herbal teas or make them into herbal tinctures.

Depending on the herb, some or all parts of the plant can be used. The flower, the leaves, the bark, the seeds, the berries or the roots.

As the demand for natural herbal remedies has increased, so has the cultivation of herbs. Now we have many farmers growing herbs commercially.

Herbs work to restore the body’s ability to regulate and heal, to prevent illness and to treat a disease process in the body. Any illness or imbalance can be helped by taking herbal remedies. You really can optimise your health with herbal remedies.

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