Food! Diet! Nutrition!

So much information available, so many diets, so many fads, so much media cover that our heads spin. One expert says certain foods are good for us, another will say the opposite. It can be confusing to say the least!

Eating well and consuming the foods that are right for your body and your lifestyle is what I strive to find for you. We are all different, our lifestyles are different, our genetic makeup is different, our basic needs are unique to us. The foods we need, the diet that is right for each one of us is unique. By consuming foods that are just right for your body, you can play an active role in the future of your heath and wellbeing.

The premise from which I practice is simple. I believe that every substance that goes into or onto your body becomes a part of you, an integral part of you, which affects your health and your wellbeing, and very definitely  has an effect on your mental and physical capabilities. To have control of your health  and wellbeing you need to control what you put into your body.

When you are consuming foods that are not synergistic with your body requirements, you will find that you aren’t as healthy as you would like to be,  or that your moods are a little erratic, or that you can’t concentrate as well as you would like to. Your entire health and your sense of wellbeing can be below par. Simply because you may be consuming foods that don’t suit your body needs. It can be that simple!

Eating well and eating for a healthy body is not about having a list of strict dietary limitations. It is about looking at your health at this moment, and getting a balanced approach to how, when and what you eat. What foods are right for you?  What nutrients do you need right now?

To have you feeling great, maintaining good health, mentally having a great outlook on life and a mind that is alert and calm, is my goal in working with you. It is what you can have when your food intake is tailored for your specific needs.

Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. Let’s make it work for you, so that you can get the very best out of every mouthful of food that finds it’s way into your body!

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