Herbal Health

At my clinic: I know that no two people are alike and that each of us requires different treatment strategies to allow our body to heal and regenerate. I know how miraculous our body is and how simple it can be to support healing when supplied with balanced nutrients and emotional support. I know that … Read More

Meet The Gluten-Free Granny

My name is Molly, I am married to Mike (my chief taste tester and he’s not even gluten-free), I am a Mum and Granny of 3 amazing granddaughters. I have been a practising herbalist and nutritionist for 35 years, and prior to that, I was a nurse.  I have been gluten-free, along with yeast free, … Read More

When Food Becomes Your Enemy

ALLERGIES, SENSITIVITIES, INTOLERANCES…..household words to us now, but when I was a child growing up and even into my nursing days, these were uncommon words, words that were hardly ever used and certainly not linked to any illness other than perhaps asthma. Asthma sufferers were commonly reactive to house dust, dust mite, pollens and animal … Read More

Molly Mouse Designs!

Welcome to Molly Mouse Designs. I’m Molly. And I love to sew! I walk into my sewing room each morning and I am filled with peace and contentment. It is my haven! I get lost in my creations and I zoom off to another place. Often I will surface at around 2pm in the afternoon, … Read More