Welcome to Knights Corner, a place where I can express myself  to like-minded people and perhaps stir up those not so like-minded people. My parents had a shop for many years on a corner in Armidale which became known as Knights Corner. I’m Molly Knight and I am claiming a small corner of this vast internet instead of a corner shop.  I hope you will find something to interest you, to make you think, to nod your head in agreement and, with any luck, to activate your own voice.




When enough is enough, and I say this without prejudice.

I am angry.

I am sick of all the fear and corruption.

I am sick of the elitist few who think they are better than anyone else. I am sick of politicians causing fear, distrust, hatred and greed. I am sick of religions causing fear and hatred, and sadly causing many a war. Continue reading “Enough!”

Barnaby & Armidale

Being an Armidale girl, I thought the first blog I post should be about Barney! Good old Barnaby Joyce.

Barney, Barney, Barney.  No one cares about your affair. We get it! Old man, young girl….. age old story about stupidity really.  Who cares? No one. But you don’t get it. It’s not about your personal life. It’s what has been revealed about your lack of political honesty and integrity.  It’s the possible misuse of taxpayers $$$ that is the main issue here. Which is fast appearing to be dishonest and abusive behaviour, and very poor judgement that you have shown using your position. Continue reading “Barnaby & Armidale”